Calming, Custom Sedation for the Anxious Patient

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Dr. Doran TalkS about multiple sedation options.

The Answer to Your Dental Anxiety and Fears

Does the thought of going to the dentist cause you anxiety? Do you fear the sights, sounds, and smells associated with dental appointments? You are not alone! And we are excited to provide you with an answer to your dental anxiety and fears—sedation dentistry. Designed for the anxious patient, sedation dentistry provides both an optimal form of pain control and helps you relax and feel comfortable at your appointment. As family dentists, we have seen hundreds of patients of all ages overcome their dental anxiety through custom sedation dentistry. If you fear the dentist, we welcome you to meet our St. Charles, IL team and learn about your sedation options. We are here to help you overcome your dental anxiety and fears, and feel confident in your future dental appointments with us!

Local anesthetic is a numbing agent used during almost every dental treatment, often in conjunction with other sedation for maximum pain control and relaxation. Local anesthetic effectively blocks sensations of pain at the treatment site, but can take a few hours for effects to wear off after treatment is complete.

Nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas,” is administered through the nose and takes effect immediately. Helping to put patients into a deeply relaxed and euphoric state, nitrous oxide is ideal for helping calm anxious patients. Once stopped, nitrous oxide no longer affects the body and has no adverse aftereffects.

Sedation Dentistry: More than Anxiety Control

While the primary use of sedation dentistry is for patients with dental anxiety, it can benefit patients with other concerns as well. Sedation dentistry can help patients with hypersensitive teeth and sensitive gag reflexes. For fidgety or non-compliant patients, sedation can establish a level of calm and relaxation needed to sit still for long periods of time and respond positively to commands. Even if you do not suffer from dental anxiety, sedation dentistry may be able to assist you in other ways, helping promote great experiences every time you visit us!

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