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Is it possible to restore teeth that are damaged, decayed, or missing without undergoing extensive treatment? Yes! Dental crowns and dental bridges are two cosmetic dentistry services that can accomplish this without surgical methods and in very few appointments. Dental crowns and bridges not only improve the look of teeth, but can also improve how they function for better eating, chewing, and speaking! Our St. Charles, IL cosmetic dentistry team brings a high level of artistry and skill to your crowns and bridges treatment to ensure they are custom-made to fit snugly over the prepared tooth. This level of detail consistently provides patients with dental crowns and bridges that look very similar to natural teeth and virtually match their size, shape, and strength! You don’t have to live with unsightly or damaged teeth, or resort to wearing a partial denture. Dental crowns and dental bridges free you to experience your best and most natural smile!

Candidates for Crowns and Bridges

  • Discolored or misshapen teeth
  • Damaged or decayed teeth
  • Tooth with a large filling
  • Missing tooth or teeth

Why Choose Dental Crowns or Bridges?

If you are embarrassed by your teeth or experiencing difficulty with day-to-day activities like eating and speaking, dental crowns and bridges can return natural beauty to your smile. The goal of dental crowns and dental bridges is to return teeth as closely as possible to their original size and shape, allowing for better dental function and aesthetics. Better dental function means most patients can return to a diet of foods they love without having to worry about difficult or painful chewing. With our years of experience in the artistry and detail involved in creating custom porcelain crowns and bridges, your restorations will fit comfortably on your tooth and blend naturally with your existing teeth. Once bonded to your teeth, dental crowns and bridges restore a healthy, attractive, and confident smile!

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns rebuild strength and function to teeth that that have suffered damage, decay, or had root canal treatment. Dental crowns can also restore a dental implant and replace a missing tooth. Dental crowns from our cosmetic team appear natural alongside your existing teeth.

Dental implant

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are a series of dental crowns that bridge the gap left by a missing tooth. Most commonly, the crowns on either side attach to natural teeth, with the artificial tooth suspended in between. Dental bridges take the place of missing teeth and ensure existing adjacent teeth do not shift out of place.

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